Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I love being a Mama!

Summertime is just a wonderful time of year. I love the weather and so does our little Luke. He wakes up and heads straight for the door. He knocks, points, and grabs my hand and puts it on the knob. It is so fun now that he is starting to understand some of my directions like, "go get your shoes." He'll run back to his room and gets in his drawer, bring them to me, and plop in my lap so he can get his shoes on and get going. :)
Being a mom has been such a learning experience. I am constantly surprised at the things he is learning. I seriously had no idea what I was doing when Luke was born. I still have no idea what I am doing. But at least now that I feel like we are in a good groove... but baby boy #2 is going to get me learning and growing again! I sure hope he likes to sleep as much as his brother does. I can handle lots of things, but severe lack of sleep does crazy things to me. Sleepwalking, sleeptalking, imagining things, etc. But at least I won't be in school! That fact alone makes me feel I can accomplish anything. But I am sure I will be whistling a different tune when I have two wild boys to chase! 2 boys! Yikes. I wonder how long it will take me to dare to go to the store with the two of them.
One thing I like about being a mom is that there is no right way and a little love will go a long way. Every loving mama is doing it right! I am so grateful for my little Luke. He has been such a sweet little guinea pig to let me learn on. But unfortunately all my kids will be guinea pigs! I must have short-term memory loss because I am pretty sure I will be learning everything all over again. But I am so so excited! I love knowing what is in store and the good sweet moments are ahead. One of the things that gets me the most excited is seeing the differences in my two boys little personalities and how they will interact with each other. It is going to be so much fun! And at least I have a little while before they know how to argue and fight. I just love being a mom!

What Luke has been up to lately:
* Talking up a storm! Some of his favorite words are: mom, dad, hot, car, truck, bubble, what's that?, shoes, choo-choo, bye, hi, cheese, teeth, nose, amen, and wow!
* Down to one nap. It only took me one day to know he was ready. I learned pretty quick that night when it was past 11pm and he was still fighting going to sleep!
* He loves to climb. He climbs up on his train table just so he can put all of his cars and trains in a line on his window sill and drive them.
* He has finally grown! Up until his most recent doctor check up he has always been super small and around the 10% percentile on growth charts but this time he shot up to 30th percentile for weight and 60th for height.
* He loves Thomas the Train. Loves it! I really wonder how much he understands and why he loves it so much, but all I know is that he does, especially when snuggling by me or Dustin. I know way too much about Thomas and his Friends. haha.
* His favorite foods are: bananas, rice krispies, blueberries, rice, strawberries, cheese sticks, Nutrigrain bars, pudding, popsicles, chips, cream of wheat, red vines, and anything his Grandpa Bart gives him. I need to get him back into his vegetables now that he has more teeth.
* He has teeth! 8 in front and at least 3 molars. He loves to brush his teeth and say "cheese" but he is secretive when it comes to letting anyone see them.
* And lastly he continues to be our Mr. Curious. He loves puzzles, putting lids on things, and figuring out how everything works. I love his curiosity.

I just love having Dustin back! I can't believe we made it 14 weeks apart for that internship. It feels like so long ago. Now that Dustin is back he continues to work, work, work to provide for us. He never complains. He also works with the young men and has been on camp outs and activities with them. He took 9 credits for his spring term at BYU and somehow he has managed to help around the house as well. I am definitely not as good at having tons on my plate. I tend to get overwhelmed. So I kinda like to brag about Dustin and his superman skills and I guess it is my blog so I can. ;)

Dustin and I have moved every year since we got married so if we were to keep up with that tradition we would be moving this month! Thank goodness we are in such a nice place and we have room for baby boy #2 to join us so we don't have to! I guess we can just save up our energy for the move next year because that one is going to be a killer.

A picturesque summer update about Yellowstone and other adventures is to come...

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  1. You are such a grown up. I feel like it was yesterday that we were roommates. I love seeing how much you have grown and learned. It gives me hope for the future. You are such a loving and caring mom. Luke and baby#2 is sure lucky to have you as a mommy. Keep up with your blog. Even thou we live in the same state, I still feel so distant because of all the things we always have going on in life. But it is so nice to hear how you and your family is doing. Congrats on being pregnant with baby 2!!!!!